21H.141 | Spring 2015 | Undergraduate

Renaissance To Revolution: Europe, 1300-1800



Each student will participate in an in-class debate, during either Session 19 or Session 20.

First Debate Resolution & Format (PDF)

Second Debate Resolution & Format (PDF)


Students will write two 1250 word short papers, due during Session 5 and Session 24. A mandatory 1250 word rewrite of the first short paper will be due during Session 9. Students will write one 2500 word long essay assignment, due during Session 18.

First Short Paper (PDF)

First Short Paper: Revision (PDF)

Second Short Paper (PDF)

Long Essay Assignment (PDF)

Editing Suggestions (PDF)

Student Examples

The long essays below appear courtesy of MIT students and are anonymous upon request.

“Jean Leurechon’s Mathematical Recreations in the Context of Early 17ᵗʰ Century Europe.” (PDF)

“Natural Enthusiastick Ecstasies and Revelations: Casaubon’s Humanistic Attack on the ‘Revelations’ of the Sectaries.” (PDF)

“Roman Stonehenge and the English Renaissance.” (PDF)

“Skepticism and the Catarrh: A Case Study of Medical, Religious, and Political Tensions in Natural Philosophy.” (PDF)

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