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The Beatles

Lecture Notes

Week Topics Lecture Notes
I Intro and Meet the Beatles

Notes 1: Before They Were The Beatles (PDF)

Notes 2: The Beatles Get Organized (PDF)

II 1963: With the Beatles

Notes 3: The Beatles Find a Home (PDF)

Notes 4: Please Please Me (PDF)

Notes 5: Beatlemania (PDF)

III 1964: A Hard Day’s Night

Notes 6: A Hard Day’s Night (PDF)

IV 1964: Beatles for Sale Notes 7: 1964 (PDF)
V Beatles in the News and on the Screen Notes 8: On Screen and in the News (PDF)
VI 1965: Help! Notes 9: 1965 (PDF)
VII 1965: Rubber Soul Notes 10: Rubber Soul (PDF)
VIII 1966: Revolver Notes 11: 1966 (PDF)

Magical Mystery Tour

1967: Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

Notes 12: 1967 and 1968 (PDF)

Notes 13: Strawberry Fields (PDF)


1968: The Beatles

Notes 14: White Album Discussion (PDF)

1969: Yellow Submarine

Notes 15: 1969 (PDF)

Notes 16: Yellow Submarine (PDF)


1969: Abbey Road

Notes 17: Abbey Road (PDF)


1970: Let It Be

Notes 18: 1970 and Let It Be (PDF)

Notes 19: Get Back (PDF)

Notes 20: Two of Us (PDF)

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