21M.304 | Spring 2009 | Undergraduate

Writing in Tonal Forms II


Analysis Project

Students must analyze a Sonata form movement and present their analysis in class. The analysis should include a basic harmonic analysis, as well as a review of compositional techniques and anything else of note or interest about the movement. Pieces will be assigned no later than the week prior to mid-term.

Composition Projects

Students will complete two composition projects over the course of the semester. The major project will be the creation of a large-scale Sonata form movement for String Quartet. This large work will be undertaken as a series of small sections, completed at regular intervals throughout the semester. It is absolutely essential that you do not fall behind in this.

Towards the end of the semester, we will engage with the expanded tonal techniques of the early 20th century. We will use Prokofiev’s “Visions Fugitives” as a model to compose short works for piano.

Student Example Work

The following scores and recordings are courtesy of the student composers. The recordings of the Sonata form movements were performed by Quartet X. Used with permission.

The work-in-progress scores represent the students’ work at a point midway through the compositional process.

Student 1 (MP3 - 5.3MB) (PDF) (MP3)
Student 2 (MP3 - 8.3MB) (PDF) (MP3 - 1.0MB)
Student 3 (MP3 - 6.5MB) (PDF) (MP3)
Student 4 (MP3 - 6.4MB) (PDF) (MP3 - 2.0MB)
Student 5 (MP3 - 8.1MB) (PDF) (MP3)
Student 6 (MP3 - 5.4MB) (PDF) (MP3 - 1.6MB)
Student 7 (MP3 - 8.1MB) (PDF) (MP3 - 1.9MB)
Student 8 (MP3 - 5.0MB)   (MP3 - 1.2MB)
Student 9 (MP3 - 7.6MB)   (MP3 - 1.6MB)
Student 10 (MP3 - 6.4MB)   (MP3 - 1.8MB)

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