21M.873 | January IAP 2008 | Undergraduate

Theater Arts Topics - Suburbia



Directed practice in acting, production, or design on a sustained theater piece, either one-act or full length, from pre-rehearsal preparation to workshop production. Consult Theater Arts Office. Includes directed practice in stagecraft. Drama shop rehearses a production of Eric Bogosian’s play “subUrbia” for presentation the first two weekends in February. Visiting artist, David R. Gammons, directs. Approximately 10 roles filled by auditions. Students can receive up to six credits for acting or technical positions. Schedule of rehearsals to be arranged, but actors should be available during the afternoon. Students must be available for performances in early February.


We will rehearse from 2 PM until approximately 8 PM Monday through Friday. Once technical and dress rehearsals begin, all are called upon to turn in significantly more time. You must be available for every performance, and for the brush-up rehearsal between the two weeks of performance. There is zero tolerance for lateness or absence. The only conflicts you may take are the ones reported at the auditions. Your participation in the production in the set shop, during the light hang, publicity, put in, strike, etc., is required.

All registered for the class are expected to fulfill these expectations to the highest degree possible, in which case you will receive an A. Average work that technically, though not fully, meets these expectations will merit a B. Failure to meet all of the requirements and lackadaisical work receives a C or less.

Cast List for subUrbia

Bee-Bee - Sally Peach
Buff - Brian Cass
Erica - Kelly Thomas
Jeff - Brian Ross
Norman - Vinith Misra
Pakeesa - Hui Ying Wen
Pony - Yoni Gray
Sooze - Erika Bakse
Tim - Jonas Kubilius

Rehearsal Stage Manager - Sarah Gumlak

Production Stage Manager - William Pickeral

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