22.033 | Fall 2011 | Undergraduate, Graduate

Nuclear Systems Design Project


This course meets three times per week: nominally, two lectures and a recitation. However, as the semester progress, course meetings are increasingly devoted to group work, and some “lecture” sessions are devoted to subtask group presentations. Over the course of the semester, there were a total of 39 class meetings: introduction, 8 instructional lectures, 10 recitations, 11 group work sessions, and 9 project presentation sessions.

Session Key

Lec = Lecture
Rec = Recitation
Grp = Group work
Proj = Project presentations

I. Introductory Talks, Major Design Choices
1 Intro Course introduction  
2 Lec 1 Sub-task intro: Core, nonconventional (non-PWR/BWR) reactors  
3 Lec 2

Sub-task intro: Process Heat

Logistics, journal articles, group responsibilities

4 Rec 1 LyX tutorial  
5 Lec 3

Sub-task intros: Hydrogen, Biofuels

Design process, importance metrics

6 Rec 2 Leadership skills Team Logo Contest entries due
7 Lec 4 Quality Function Deployment (QFD) example using House of Quality (HoQ)  
8 Lec 5

Short lecture on presentation techniques

Some group time, integrator progress reports

9 Rec 3 EES thermodynamic software  
10 Proj 1 Sub-task presentation I: Core  
11 Proj 2 Sub-task presentation I: Hydrogen Journal article 1 due
12 Rec 4 Engineering leadership & leadership styles  
13 Proj 3 Sub-task presentation I: Process Heat, Biofuel  
II. Research, Design, & Optimization
14 Grp 1 Start quantitative design process  
15 Grp 2 Group time; detailed critques on first journal articles  
16 Grp 3 Team mentoring with Mike & Tyrell  
17 Rec 5 Intermediate LyX tips and tricks Journal article 1 revision due
18 Grp 4 One-on-one mentoring with Mike & Tyrell  
19 Grp 5 One-on-one mentoring with Mike & Tyrell (cont.)  
20 Rec 6 Process Heat schematic development  
21 Lec 6 CaC2/acetylene block diagram  
22 Lec 7 Qualitative optimization of CaC2/acetylene block diagram  
23 Rec 7 Optimizing the CaC2/acetylene block diagram using EES  
24 Proj 4 Sub-task presentation II: Core  
25 Proj 5 Sub-task presentation II: Hydrogen  
26 Rec 8

Modifying the CaC2/Acetylene system using EES

LyX advanced topics

27 Proj 6 Sub-task presentation II: Biofuel  
28 Proj 7 Sub-task presentation II: Process Heat Journal article 2 due
III. Fine Tuning, Secondary Concerns
29 Rec 9

Modeling multicomponent systems in EES

Sub-system integration

30 Lec 8 Metals and cheeses: unconventional pairings  
31–33 Grp 6–Grp 8 In-class refinement of overall block diagram, input/output coordination  
34 Rec 10 Integrating block diagram models in EES  
35–37 Grp 9–Grp 11 In-class refinement of overall block diagram, input/output coordination  
IV. Final Report & Presentation
38 Proj 8 Practice final presentation Final presentation draft assembled
39 Proj 9 Final presentation with invited guests Final report due

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