22.033 | Fall 2011 | Undergraduate, Graduate

Nuclear Systems Design Project


A description of the project goals, structure, deliverables and schedule can be found on the syllabus. This page presents student work on the design project, with both interim presentations and the final presentation and report. (Courtesy of the students, used with permission.)

Teamwork Process

Each team will create a contract which states their expectations of one another.

Be sure to keep good minutes of your meetings: especially the key issues, decisions, and next steps.

Sub-Task Presentations I

These slides are from the first round of sub-task team presentations.

Core (PDF)

Hydrogen (PDF)

Biofuels (PDF)

Process Heat (PDF)

Sub-Task Presentations II

These videos and slides are from the second round of sub-task team presentations.

Core: Video and slides

Hydrogen: Video and slides

Biofuels: Video and slides

Process Heat: Slides only (PDF - 1.6MB)

Final Presentation and Report

Final Presentation: Video and slides

Final Report (PDF - 4.5MB)

Postscript (from Dr. Short, a few weeks after the term ended)

“I’ve posted the fully commented final report. I invite you all to read through the comments, as we hope they will help you in preparing both your undergraduate theses and future publications. We tried to nit pick at everything, leaving no stone unturned. Don’t be intimidated by the number of comments, but please do pay attention to their content.

For those who wish to continue bringing your project up to the ANS conference level, step 1 will be correcting the final report. It will form the basis of any smaller reports & abstracts that are produced from the project. If you wish to keep working on the project (at a more relaxed pace, of course), please let me know. I have heard from a couple of you, and would love to see who wants to keep moving forward.

Once we have the final report corrected, I will ask if we can publish it as an MIT CANES (Center for Advanced Nuclear Energy Systems) report. After that, I would love to work with you on how to improve the document for external publication and/or presentation.”

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