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Advanced Phonology

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Correspondence Theory
1 Correspondence Theory Basics (PDF)
2 Correspondence Theory (cont.) (PDF)
3 MAX F Constraints and Positional Faithfulness (PDF)
4 Reduplication: Basic Laws (PDF)
5 Reduplicative Correspondence (PDF)
6 Reduplicant Size and Placement (PDF)
7 Reduplicant Size and Placement (cont.)
8 BR vs. IR Correspondence
9 Emergence of the Unmarked, and Non-reduplicative Correspondence (PDF)
Lexical Phonology and Cyclicity Effects
10 Lexical vs. Postlexical Phonology
11 Cyclicity and its OT Translations (PDF)
12 OO Correspondence (PDF)
13 Base-derivative Correspondence (PDF)
Paradigm Uniformity
14 Paradigm Uniformity (PDF)
15 Paradigm Uniformity (cont.)
16 More on Paradigm Regularization (PDF)
17 Overview: Types of Opacity (PDF)
18 Characteristics of Opacity (PDF)
19 Formalization of Opacity in OT (PDF)
20 Sympathy Theory (PDF)

Other Approaches to Opacity (PDF)

21 Comparative Markedness (PDF)
22 Introduction to Exceptions (PDF)
23 The Representation of Exceptions (PDF)
24 What is regular, and what is an exception? (PDF)
Student Presentations
25 Student Presentations, Part 1
26 Student Presentations, Part 2
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