1 Signals and systems  
2 Discrete-time systems HW1 due
3 Feedback, poles, and fundamental modes  
4 Continuous-time systems HW2 due
5 Z transform  
6 Laplace transform HW3 due
7 Discrete approximation of continuous-time systems  
8 Convolution HW4 optional; Exam 1
9 Frequency response HW5 due
10 Feedback and control  
11 Continuous-time frequency response and Bode plots HW6 due
12 Continuous-time feedback and control, part 1  
13 Continuous-time feedback and control, part 2 HW7 optional; Exam 2
14 Fourier representations  
15 Fourier series HW8 due
16 Fourier transform  
17 Discrete-time frequency representations HW9 due
18 Discrete-time Fourier representations  
19 Relations among Fourier representations HW10 optional; Exam 3
20 Applications of Fourier transforms  
21 Sampling HW11 due
22 Sampling and quantization HW12 due
23 Modulation, part 1  
24 Modulation, part 2 HW13 due
25 Audio CD HW14 optional; Final Exam

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