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Lectures occured on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Recitations took place on Wednesdays and Fridays. Optional problem sessions were held on Fridays. 

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Lecture 1: Introduction notes (PDF)

Lecture 2: Data Structures notes (PDF)

Recitation 1 notes (PDF)

Recitation 2 notes (PDF)

Problem Session 1 questions (PDF)

Problem Session 1 solutions (PDF)


Problem Set 0 questions (PDF)

Problem Set 0 solutions (PDF)


Lecture 3: Sorting notes (PDF)

Lecture 4: Hashing notes (PDF)

Recitation 3 notes (PDF)

Recitation 4 notes (PDF)

Problem Session 2 questions (PDF)

Problem Session 2 solutions (PDF)


Problem Set 1 questions (PDF)

Problem Set 1 solutions (PDF)


Lecture 5: Linear Sorting notes (PDF)

Recitation 5 notes (PDF)

Problem Session 3 questions (PDF)

Problem Session 3 solutions (PDF)


Problem Set 2 questions (PDF)

Problem Set 2 solutions (PDF)


Lecture 6: Binary Trees, Part 1 notes (PDF)

Lecture 7: Binary Trees, Part 2: AVL notes (PDF)

Recitation 6 notes (PDF)

Recitation 7 notes (PDF)

Problem Session 4 questions (PDF)

Problem Session 4 solutions (PDF)


Problem Set 3 questions (PDF)

Problem Set 3 solutions (PDF)


Lecture 8: Binary Heaps notes (PDF)

Lecture 9: Breadth-First Search notes (PDF)

Recitation 8 notes (PDF)

Recitation 9 notes (PDF)

No problem sessions

Quiz 1 review (PDF)

Quiz 1 review solutions (PDF)

Problem Set 4 questions (PDF)

Problem Set 4 solutions (PDF)


Lecture 10: Depth-First Search notes (PDF)

Lecture 11: Weighted Shortest Paths notes (PDF)

Recitation 10 notes (PDF)

Recitation 11 notes (PDF)

Problem Session 5 questions (PDF)

Problem Session 5 solutions (PDF)



Lecture 12: Bellman-Ford notes (PDF)

Recitation 12 notes (PDF)

Problem Session 6 questions (PDF)

Problem Session 6 solutions (PDF)

Quiz 1 questions (PDF)

Quiz 1 solutions (PDF)

Problem Set 5 questions (PDF)

Problem Set 5 solutions (PDF)


Lecture 13: Dijkstra's Algorithm notes (PDF)

Lecture 14: ASP & Johnson's Algorithm notes (PDF)

Recitation 13 notes (PDF)

Recitation 14 notes (PDF)

Problem Session 7 questions (PDF)

Problem Session 7 solutions (PDF)

Quiz 2 review (PDF)

Quiz 2 review solutions (PDF)

Problem Set 6 questions (PDF)

Problem Set 6 solutions (PDF)


Lecture 15: Dynamic Programming, Part 1: SRTBOT, Fib, DAGs, Bowling notes (PDF)

Lecture 16: Dynamic Programming, Part 2: LCS, LIS, Coins notes (PDF)

Recitation 15 notes (PDF)

Recitation 16 notes (PDF)

Problem Session 8 questions (PDF)

Problem Session 8 solutions (PDF)



Lecture 17: Dynamic Programming, Part 3 notes (PDF)

Recitation 17 notes (PDF)

No problem sessions

Quiz 2 questions (PDF)

Quiz 2 solutions (PDF)

Problem Set 7 questions (PDF)

Problem Set 7 solutions (PDF)


Lecture 18: Dynamic Programming, Part 4: Rods, Subsetsum, Pseudopolynomial notes (PDF)

Lecture 19: Complexity notes (PDF)

Recitation 18 notes (PDF)

Recitation 19 notes (PDF)

Problem Session 9 questions (PDF)

Problem Session 9 solutions (PDF)

Quiz 3 review (PDF)

Quiz 3 review solutions (PDF)

Problem Set 8 questions (PDF)

Problem Set 8 solutions (PDF)


Lecture 20: Course Review notes (PDF)

No notes for recitation 20

No problem sessions

Quiz 3 questions (PDF)

Quiz 3 solutions (PDF)



No notes for lecture 21

No recitations

No problem sessions



No lectures

No recitations

No problem sessions

Final Exam (PDF)

Final Exam solutions (PDF)


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