6.041SC | Fall 2013 | Undergraduate
Probabilistic Systems Analysis and Applied Probability
Unit I: Probability Models And Discrete Random Variables

Lecture 1: Probability Models and Axioms

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Lecture Topics

  • Probability as a mathematical framework for reasoning about uncertainty
  • Probabilistic models
    • Sample space
    • Probability law
  • Axioms of probability
  • Simple examples

Lecture Activities

Recitation Problems and Recitation Help Videos

Review the recitation problems in the PDF file below and try to solve them on your own. Three of the problems have an accompanying video where a teaching assistant solves the same problem.

Recitation Help Videos

1 The Probability of the Difference of Two Events Kuang Xu
2 Geniuses and Chocolates Katie Szeto
4 Uniform Probabilities on a Square Jimmy Li

Problem Set and Solutions

Work the problems on your own and check your answers when you’re done. Problem set 1 covers Lecture 1.

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