6.780 | Spring 2003 | Graduate

Semiconductor Manufacturing

Lecture Notes

1 Overview of Semiconductor Manufacturing (PDF)
Statistical Process Control
2 Statistics Review: Distributions (PDF)
3 Statistics Review: Estimation (PDF)
4 Hypothesis Tests and Control Chart Introduction (PDF)
5 Control Charts
6 Advanced Control Charts, Nested Variance (PDF)
Experimental Design
7 Analysis and Design of Experiments (PDF)
8 ANOVA, Variance Component Estimation
9 MANOVA, Factorial Experiments (PDF)

Quiz #1

Yield and Yield Learning
10 Design of Experiments and Response Surface Modeling (PDF)
11 RSM and Regression (PDF) (PDF)
12 Yield Management and Modeling
13 Yield Modeling
Advanced Process Control
14 Spatial Modeling
15 Sensors and Signals (PDF)
16 PCA and Time Series
17 Run by Run Control (PDF)
18 Real Time Control, Scheduling
Factory Operation and Design
19 Scheduling (PDF)

Quiz #2

20 Planning (PDF)
21 Factory Design and Efficiency (PDF)

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