CMS.S63 | Fall 2019 | Undergraduate

Playful Augmented Reality Audio Design Exploration


The main assignment is a semester-long project. The objective of this assignment is to conduct a design exploration study. Students formulate a research question that only can be answered through prototype design. The students execute a complete design cycle from conceptualization, via iterative prototype development and testing, to presentation and dissemination of final results.

The project is evaluated based on the student’s ability to:

  1. Perform the different steps of the explorative design process;
  2. Display understanding of the context the project is in dialog with; and
  3. Make a creative knowledge contribution in terms of both artifact development and theoretical reflection.

Concept Presentations

Come up with and describe two or three concepts for playful and/or social activities utilizing audio AR technology. Note that we are looking for innovative experiences, so be careful to not simply replicate those offered by any of the inspiration games. Students should be prepared to give short conceptual presentations to the class. 

Design Documents

Teams choose one game idea to further develop and turn into a High Level Design Document. The HLDD needs an intended audience, prior research summary, a core concept, platform(s), setting, description of gameplay, and a time-plan.

High Level Design Document Template (PDF) (DOCX)

Design Documents with Playtests

An updated document should be provided based on playtesting feedback. Playtests should include three stages:


Decide which questions you want the playtest to answer. Create a script that will be read to playtester(s) giving the minimal set of instructions necessary to play a selected section of the game.

Execute test

Read the script to the tester(s). Observe playing. Taking at least two pictures is mandatory. Also take notes. Interview each tester separately. Use keywords based on the questions you are trying to answer in a semi-structured interview. The whole test execution should not take more than an hour for the playtester(s).

Analyze and report

Go through the collected materials and figure out what the data means in terms of design decisions. Add a report summarizing the test to the design document.

Final Submission

The final submission consists of an oral presentation of project including process, final form, and findings. (20 min.)

Documentation of project for the web:

  1. Short paper. (5–6 pages. Use provided template.)
  2. Single-paragraph description of project. (Text file.)
  3. Video describing artifact. (30–90 sec. No title cards. Please film in landscape mode. No unauthorized use of licensed music. Upload to video service of choice and provide link.)
  4. Images. (3–5. Widescreen format.)

All components should be added to one ZIP archive file and uploaded to the course website.

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