CMS.S63 | Fall 2019 | Undergraduate

Playful Augmented Reality Audio Design Exploration


Week Topics Key Dates
1 Introduction  
2 AR Workshop  
3 Design as Research Method  
4 Fundamentals of Audio Design & Conceptualization  
5 Concept Presentations Concept Presentations Due
6 Design Documents Design Documents Due
7 Design Process & Prototyping  
8 Playtesting  
9 Presentations Design Documents With Playtests Due
10 Reflective Practices & Interaction Criticism  
11 Presentation and Dissemination Techniques I  
12 Presentation and Dissemination Techniques II  
13 Project Work and Group Consultation  
14 Final Presentations Final Deliverables Due

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As Taught In
Fall 2019
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Lecture Videos
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