Week 1: Introduction, Energy Basics & Human Power

Problem Set 0

Using the given LED (3.6V, 20mA) and 9V battery provided in class, a resistor of your choosing, and found materials, construct a lantern. The lantern should be able to turn on and off.

Tip for choosing the resistor: while picking an appropriate resistor in the right ballpark is important, the exact value is not critical. If you can’t find the exact value you need, find something within 10-15%.

Grading criteria:

  • functionality (does it light, is it easy to figure out the switch)
  • aesthetics — does it look good
  • creative use of materials
  • maximizing light

Bring the lantern to D-Lab no later than one hour before the next class session. Your device should be placed on one of the desks in that room on an 8.5"x11" piece of paper with your name, a very quick sketch of your device, and an explanation - including formula - of how you chose the resistor and what value you used.

Problem Set 0 Grading Rubric (PDF)

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