EC.719 | Spring 2019 | Undergraduate

D-Lab: Water, Climate Change, and Health

Lecture Notes

Selected lecture notes are provided below.

Week # TopicS LectureS
1 Introduction & Weather Story Class Intros and Your Weather Story (PDF - 2.5MB)
2 Water, Climate Change, & Health Introduction What Makes a Planet Habitable? Planetary Boundaries (PDF - 2.1MB)
3 Climate 1 Earth’s Climate History (PDF - 2.8MB)
4 Climate 2 10,000 Years Ago to Present (PDF - 2.4MB)
5 Climate 3

Atmospheric and Oceanic General Circulation Models (PDF - 1.5MB)

Guest Lecture: Kasturi Shah, MIT Graduate Student

6 Climate 4 Future Projections (Lecture notes unavailable)
7 Water & Climate Change Climate Change, Human, and Planetary Health Through the Lens of Water (PDF - 6.2MB)
8 Game No Lecture
9 One Health

One Health (PDF - 2.1MB)

Guest Lecture: Hellen Amuguni, Assistant Professor at Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, Tufts University

10 MWRA Storm Water Management, Combined Sewer Overflows No Lecture
11 Oceans Ocean Acidification (Lecture notes unavailable)
12 Climate & Sustainability

Two Steps Forward and One Step Back: How the World is Doing in Adressing Climate Change and Related Sustainability Issues (Lecture notes unavailable)

Guest Lecture: Bill Moomaw, Emeritus Professor of International Environmental Policy at Tufts University

MIT’s Climate Action Plan and Massachusetts Climate Action (Lecture notes unavailable)

Guest Lecture: Curt Newton, MIT Climate Action Advisory Committee, 350 Massachusetts

13 SLR Case Study Sea Level Rise and Flooding in Costal Cities. Case Study: Boston (Lecture notes unavailable)
14 Low Carbon Home: See Solar Electric, Solar Thermal, and Geothermal Installations in a 100-Year Old Home No Lecture

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