The calendar below provides information on the course's lecture, lab, and quiz sessions. In addition, the instructor for each session is given according to the following key:

MAS = Martin Schmidt
RCOH = Robert O' Handley
SR = Susan Ruff

1 Overview/Safety/Lab Assignment (MAS)

CIM: Introduction to CIM (SR)
Homework 1 out
2 IC Lab - Overview (MAS) IC-1: Gate Oxide/Poly
3 Oxidation (MAS) Homework 1 due

Homework 2 out
IC-2: Backside Etch
4 Diffusion (RCOH) Homework 2 due

Homework 3 out
5 IC Lab: Testing (MAS)

CIM: Writing Technical Reports (SR)
IC-3: Test IC lab report out
6 Diffusion/Implantation (RCOH)
7 MEMS Lab: Overview (MAS) MEMS-1: Photolith Homework 3 due

IC lab report due (in lab)
8 Vacuum System (RCOH) Homework 4 out
10 Sputtering (RCOH)

CIM: Feedback on IC Report, Reports Returned (SR)
MEMS-2: KOH Etch Homework 4 due

Homework 5 out
Quiz 1: Through CVD (Staff)
11 Fluids Lab: Overview (MAS) Fluids-1: Photolith
12 Evaporation (RCOH) Revised IC report due
13 MEMS Lab: Testing (MAS) MEMS-3: Test Homework 5 due

MEMS lab report out
14 Lithography (MAS) Homework 6 out

Revised IC report returned
15 Lithography, Soft Lithography (MAS)
16 Etching (Wet) (RCOH) Homework 6 due

Homework 7 out
17 Etching (Dry) (RCOH) Fluids-2: Molding MEMS lab report due
18 CMOS (MAS) Homework 7 due

Homework 8 out
19 Advanced Silicon Devices (MAS)
20 Fluids Lab: Testing (MAS) Homework 8 due

Take home exam out
21 Take Home Introduction / Patents (MAS) Fluids-3: Test Fluids lab report out
Quiz 2: Through Advanced Silicon Devices (Staff)
22 Take Home Discussion (MAS)
23 Advanced Topics (Guest) Fluids lab report due
24 Advanced Topics (cont.) (Guest)
25 Analog Devices Fab Tour Take home quiz due