ES.010 | Spring 2013 | Undergraduate

Chemistry of Sports




Talk about the triathlon

  • Basic ideas about training
  • Present a plan for the novice triathlete
  • Make your training journal
  • Find out who is interested in participating in the Newton Shoe Study

Sign up for the fitness evaluation with a personal trainer.

  • Explain the tests that are going to be done
  • Fill out the Health History form. (Similar to this MIT Health History form.)


  • Chemistry review
  • Injury prevention
  • Running
  • Heart monitors
  • Fitness testing results

Getting on the bike—introduction to spinning

Training your body

  • Lungs
  • Muscle
  • Repair and maintenance of the body

Distance work—Swim at least 1500 yards


  • Fueling your body
  • Picking the best training food, calories
  • How to determine how much you need to eat each day
  • Show and tell by Steve

Bike—intervals to get your heart rate up
5 Science of swimming Bike—longer distance sets. Then try and run.
6 Physics of bicycling–Talk by Steve Lyons Bike—intervals to get heart rate up—do 5 minute run at end.

  • Running / form
  • How to run in Newtons
  • Go to track for master class

Work on swimming drills / longer distances—at least 2000 yards.
8 No class—Spring Break Continue training

Chemistry of cheating

  • Illegal substances and how they test for them
  • Effects on your body: Anabolic steroids, EPO

Running intervals with proper form
10 Cycling aerodynamics–Talk by Kim Blair, Research Affiliate, MIT Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics Distance swim—do at least 2500 yards

Chemistry of clothing

  • Looking at the manufacture of swimsuits through the years (especially of the new suit from Beijing)
  • Running gear and cycling gear
  • Show and tell by Steve

Bike, intervals to get heart rate up

Legal means of manipulating your body

  • Examples include: Glutamic acid, isoleucine and lysine—used by athletes to enhance performance

Bike—longer distance sets—go for a run afterwards
13 Coach Jimmy Riccitello comes and talks about triathlons  
14 Triathlon preparation  

Sprint Triathlon

  • Students will complete a sprint triathlon around campus


  • Do another set of testing to see how improved your system is
  • Course evaluation material
  • Take all the information from the class and build a better athlete

Fitness testing

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