Talk about the triathlon

  • Basic ideas about training
  • Present a plan for the novice triathlete
  • Make your training journal
  • Find out who is interested in participating in the Newton Shoe Study

Sign up for the fitness evaluation with a personal trainer.

  • Explain the tests that are going to be done
  • Fill out the Health History form. (Similar to this MIT Health History form.)

  • Chemistry review
  • Injury prevention
  • Running
  • Heart monitors
  • Fitness testing results

Getting on the bike—introduction to spinning

Training your body

  • Lungs
  • Muscle
  • Repair and maintenance of the body

Distance work—Swim at least 1500 yards


  • Fueling your body
  • Picking the best training food, calories
  • How to determine how much you need to eat each day
  • Show and tell by Steve

Bike—intervals to get your heart rate up
5 Science of swimming Bike—longer distance sets. Then try and run.
6 Physics of bicycling–Talk by Steve Lyons Bike—intervals to get heart rate up—do 5 minute run at end.

  • Running / form
  • How to run in Newtons
  • Go to track for master class

Work on swimming drills / longer distances—at least 2000 yards.
8 No class—Spring Break Continue training

Chemistry of cheating

  • Illegal substances and how they test for them
  • Effects on your body: Anabolic steroids, EPO

Running intervals with proper form

Cycling aerodynamics–Talk by Kim Blair, Research Affiliate, MIT Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Distance swim—do at least 2500 yards

Chemistry of clothing

  • Looking at the manufacture of swimsuits through the years (especially of the new suit from Beijing)
  • Running gear and cycling gear
  • Show and tell by Steve

Bike, intervals to get heart rate up

Legal means of manipulating your body

  • Examples include: Glutamic acid, isoleucine and lysine—used by athletes to enhance performance

Bike—longer distance sets—go for a run afterwards
13 Coach Jimmy Riccitello comes and talks about triathlons  
14 Triathlon preparation  

Sprint Triathlon

  • Students will complete a sprint triathlon around campus


  • Do another set of testing to see how improved your system is
  • Course evaluation material
  • Take all the information from the class and build a better athlete

Fitness testing

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