ES.010 | Spring 2013 | Undergraduate

Chemistry of Sports

Lecture Notes

Selected lecture slides are available below.

1 Understanding how exercise affects your body chemistry slides (PDF)
2 Biochemistry, injury prevention, and workouts slides (PDF)
3 Training, repair, and maintenance of the body slides (PDF - 1.2MB)
4 Nutrition slides (PDF)
5 Lecture slides not available. 
6 Physics of cycling slides (PDF - 3.4MB)
7 Lecture slides not available. 
8 Lecture slides not available. 
9 Illegal manipulation of your body slides (PDF)
10 Cycling aerodynamics slides (PDF - 1.8MB) (Courtesy of Kim Blair. Used with permission.)
11 Chemistry of clothing slides (PDF)
12-15 Lecture slides not available. 
16 Post-triathlon slides (PDF)

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