ES.293 | Spring 2007 | Undergraduate

Lego Robotics


Guidance by Light


Chad Keever, Projectile Launcher
Kendall McConnel, Control of a Plotter
Jonah Elgart, Guidance by IR Beacon
Miki Havlickova, IR Remote Control
Jessica Bowles-Martinez, Guidance by Light
Matt Seegmiller, Master/Slave IR Control
Jitin Asnaani, Invertible Robot

My robot was born (rather painfully with all the sharp edges, according to its mother) with a natural tendency to avoid light. This is a side effect of much traumatic abuse it sustained as an infant and while in the womb. Its father used to shine intense light that was so intense it penetrated even into the uterus and was used as an instrument of terror. When it was born, it had more than just a healthy tan, it had a sunburn. After it was born to make it worse its older brother used to lock it in the closet and the only times it ever saw light was when his brother would hold a flashlight under his face deforming his features and yelling “I’m the leprechaun,” and when he would be burned by this flickering monster referred to as fire which seemed to ravenously devour all that it came in contact with.

Now, of course it doesn’t like light… so it runs away from it.. sometimes when it senses light all around it goes into twitchy seizure-like spasms while it has flashbacks to previous trauma.

It senses light using light sensor (JPG) device things; there are four of them and they make the motors run in a way that takes it away from the pain (no not suicide.. I wasn’t able to get a motor that just tears the whole thing apart, also I wouldn’t be able to test it out more than once).