ES.293 | Spring 2007 | Undergraduate

Lego Robotics


This page is an archive of another ESG course that spun off from SP.293 in Spring and Fall ‘99, SP.285 Robotics and Mechatronics Projects. Similar in format, with fairly open-ended teaching sessions and several projects, it emphasized electronics and mechanical construction skills, in addition to the Lego robotics topics.

Lecture Topics

  • Sensors + Actuators and Printer Disassembly
  • Abstraction, Writing control psuedocode for the printers
  • Discussing examples of Good Design and Bad Design
  • Feedback and Control Systems
  • Mechanical Transmissions
  • Control and Programming Case Study: The wall-following car
  • Project 2 conclusion, demonstrations
  • Lego gear and geartrain physics
  • Mechanisms
  • Methods of Manufacturing and Mass Production
  • Estimation and Getting a Feel for Measurements
  • The one-day Electronics class


Project 1: The Claw, Photos

Project 2: Industrial Salvage, Photos

Project 3: Independent Robotics Projects

The following pages were created by students in the Spring ‘99 class, detailing their final robot projects. All material is used courtesy of the students named, with their permission.

Chad Keever, Projectile Launcher

Kendall McConnel, Control of a Plotter

Jonah Elgart, Guidance by IR Beacon

Miki Havlickova, IR Remote Control

Jessica Bowles-Martinez, Guidance by Light

Matt Seegmiller, Master/Slave IR Control

Jitin Asnaani, Invertible Robot