ESD.00 | Spring 2011 | Undergraduate

Introduction to Engineering Systems


All students attend the lecture sessions. Students are divided into project groups for recitation sessions, with the exception of recitations 3, 5, and 8, which are full class recitations.

L = Lecture

R = Recitation

L1 Introduction to critical contemporary issues (CCIs)and complex systems Assignment 1 out
R1 Project recitations  
L2 System dynamics I: Introduction

Assignment 1 due

Assignment 2 out

R2 Project recitations  
L3 System dynamics II: System structure and behavior  
R3 Full class recitation: Tutorial on Vensim  
L4 System dynamics III: Simulation

Assignment 2 due

Assignment 3 out

R4 Project recitations  
L5 Uncertainty I: Introduction  
R5 Full class recitation: Introduction to random variables  
L6 Uncertainty II: Applications

Assignment 3 due

Assignment 4 out

R6 Project recitations  
L7 Networks I: Introduction, structure, and behavior Assignment 4 due
R7 Project recitations  
L8 Networks II: Applications  
R8 Full class recitation: Midterm project presentations  
L9 Considering stakeholders with different values in decision making  
R9 Project recitations  
R10 Project recitations (cont.)  
L10 Class field trip  
R11 Project recitations  
L11 Design of an Engineering Systems Division (ESD) undergraduate major  
R12 Project recitations  
L12 Final project oral presentations  

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