ESD.00 | Spring 2011 | Undergraduate

Introduction to Engineering Systems


Environmental Analysis of High-Speed Rail: Recitations

R1 Project motivation and background  
R2 The case of California and the Northeast Corridor (PDF)
R3 Full class recitation: Tutorial on Vensim  
R4 Demand forecasting and uncertainties (PDF)
R5 Full class recitation: Introduction to random variables, probability and statistics  
R6 Evaluating the environmental impacts of high-speed transportation (PDF)
R7 Lifecycle assessment of aviation and high-speed rail (PDF)
R8 Full class recitation (no individual recitations)  
R9 Input-output lifecycle assessment and stakeholders (PDF)
R10 Project feedback and discussion (cont.)  
R11 Lifecycle assessment (PDF)
R12 Uncertainty analysis and networks (PDF)

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