Lecture Notes

This multimedia video/slide presentation from the 2008 class is a good topic overview.

This table presents selected lecture and tutorial files, courtesy of the speakers and used with permission.

1 Welcome and course introduction Evolution of cybermedicine

Dr. Steven Locke: Course Introduction (PDF)

Dr. Warner Slack: Evolution of Cybermedicine (PDF - 1.0MB)

2 Industry overview: the future of healthcare Craig Schneider: The Massachusetts Health Data Consortium in 2009 (PDF) (Courtesy of Craig Schneider. Used with permission.)
4 eHRs, pHRs & xHRs!

Dr. Danny Sands: eHR’s, pHR’s, xHR’s! (PDF - 1.2MB)

Tutorial: Uniqueness and Complimentary Assets (PDF)

Tutorial: Makings of a Team (PDF)

Tutorial: Project Management Timeline (PDF)

5 The role of innovation in enterprise computing

Dr. John Glaser: The Future of HealthCare Information Technology (PDF - 1.1MB)

Tutorial: Business Plans (PDF)

7 From disease management to population health management

Dr. David Judge: Ambulatory Practice of the Future (PDF)

Tutorial: Preparing your Elevator Pitch (PDF)

8 An investor’s view of startups Eugene Hill: How Venture Capitalists Assess Healthcare Information Technology Business Plans (PDF)
10 Starting up: funding sources for for-profit and social entrepreneurship Panel: Starting up: Funding Sources for For-Profit and Social Entrepreneurship (PDF)
14 Global perspective on health informatics business Keith Strier (Deloitte LLP): Rise of the Data Tiger: Will Asia Assume Global Leadership in Health Informatics? (PDF - 1.5MB)

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