1 Introduction  
2 Science Policy Review  
3 Verification and Validation  
4 Evaluating Assessments  

Case Study: Acid Rain in Europe

Case Study: Fisheries


Humantarian Logistics

Guest Lecturer: Jarrod Goentzel, MIT Humanitarian Response Lab


Case Study: Climate Change and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

Guest Lecturer: Susan Solomon, MIT Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry & Climate Science

Problem Set 1 Due: Verification and Validation

Energy Modeling Workshop

Guest Lecturer: Travis Franck, Climate Interactive



Guest Lecturer: Stephen Zoepf, MIT Sloan Auto Lab


Class Case 1: NASA’s Model Standards

Discussion across cases

11 Energy Modeling Simulation  
12 System Modeling Problem Set 2 Due: Assessment Design / Evaluation
13 Class Case 2: Economic Modeling / Model Credibility Exercise  
14 Class Case 3: Oil Spill / Risk Assessment Part I  

Models at the Environmental Protection Agency

Guest Lecturer: Elsie Sunderland, Harvard School of Public Health

16 Class Case 4: Clean Air / Risk Assessment Part II Problem Set 3 Due: System Modeling
17 Benefit-Cost Analysis  
18 Class Case 5: Sports Statistics / Uncertainty Analysis I  
19 Uncertainty Analysis II / Model-Building Introduction  
20 Collaborative Model-Building Exercise Draft Policy Memo (Optional)
21 Interests and Politics: Participatory Methods and Stakeholders  
22 Class Case 6: Cancer Screening / Lessons Across Cases Discussion  
23 Policy Memo Roundtable Practice (Optional)  
24 Policy Memo Roundtable 1 Policy Memo Due
25 Policy Memo Roundtable 2  
26 Synthesis and Wrap-up  

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