RES.TLL-008 | Spring 2023 | Non-Credit

Social and Ethical Responsibilities of Computing (SERC)

6.031 Software Construction

> Related Topics: AI and Algorithms, Ethical Computing and Practice

Author: Rob Miller, Abby Jaques

Lecture Module: “Moral Lenses Case Study”

Keywords: Software Construction

Module Goals: A reading and class activity to explore the implications of a proposed change to change the ranking algorithm for posts on a social media site, and examine:   

  • What are the main benefits it will or may provide, and to whom?
  • What are the main harms it will or may cause, and to whom?
  • How could you maximize the benefits and minimize the harms, and ensure that they are distributed fairly?


Moral Lenses Case Study Instructions (PDF)

Moral Lenses Case Study Slides (PDF) (PPTX)

Moral Lenses Case Study Text (TXT)

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