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8.2 Airline Revenue Management: An Introduction to Linear Optimization

8.2 Airline Revenue Management: An Introduction to Linear Optimization

Video 7: Connecting Flights

In this video, we’ll be solving our optimization problem using the spreadsheet AirlineRM_Connecting. If you are using LibreOffice or OpenOffice, please download and open the spreadsheet AirlineRM_Connecting (ODS). If you are using Microsoft Excel, please download and open the spreadsheet AirlineRM_Connecting (XLSX). The following spreadsheets have the completed model as it is at the end of the video: AirlineRM_Connecting_Complete (ODS) and AirlineRM_Connecting_Complete (XLSX).

Solving Optimization Problems in R

In this class, we are using a spreadsheet software to solve optimization problems because we feel that this method is more intuitive and more widely used in the business world. However, you might be wondering how you can solve optimization problems in R. While we will not be teaching optimization in R in this course, we have provided this script file: Unit8_AirlineRM (R) showing how the optimization problems discussed in this lecture can be solved in R. We will not be asking you to do this for any assignments in this course, so learning about optimization in R is completely optional.

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