Individual Work Assignments

Assignments Segments

Assignment 1

An Analytical Detective

Stock Dynamics

Demographics and Employment in the United States

Internet Privacy Poll

Assignment 2

Climate Change

Reading Test Scores

Detecting Flu Epidemics via Search Engine Query Data

State Data

Assignment 3

Popularity of Music Records

Predicting the Baseball World Series Champion

Assignment 4

Predicting Earnings from Census Data

Understanding Why People Vote

State Data Revisted

Assignment 5

Separating Spam from Ham

Detecting Vandalism on Wikipedia

Automating Reviews in Medicine

Assignment 6

Document Clustering with Daily Kos

Assignment 7

Visualizing Attributes of Parole Violators

Assignment 8

Even' Star Organic Farm

Assignment 9

Even' Star Organic Farm Revisited

Gerrymandering New Mexico

All homework assignments are individual work assignments. While you may find it useful to discuss broad conceptual issues and general solution procedures with others, the final product that you turn in must be done individually. What you turn in must be your own product, written in your own handwriting, or in a computer file of which you are the sole author. Copying another’s work or electronic file is not acceptable. Although you may discuss your work with other students, what you turn in must represent your own work.

Final Project

For the final project each team of 2 needs to submit a one-page proposal that outlines a plan to apply analytical methods to a problem you identify using some of the concepts and tools discussed in the course. The proposal should include a description of: (1) the problem, (2) the data that you have or plan to collect to solve the problem, (3) which analytic techniques you plan to use, and (4) the impact or overall goal of the project (if you could build a perfect model, what would it be able to do?).

Each project team will set up a meeting with a member of the teaching team to show your progress in applying the analytical methods to your project topic. This meeting is intended to help you make progress on your project. The final project submission will consist of a written report of at most 4 pages (not including appendices) that describes your analysis, as well as a 15 minute presentation (in powerpoint or pdf format) of your project.

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