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8.3 Radiation Therapy: An Application of Linear Optimization

8.3 Radiation Therapy: An Application of Linear Optimization

Quick Question


In your spreadsheet from Video 3, make sure that you have solved the original small example problem (change the spinal cord limit back to 5 and re-solve if you have changed it, and make sure the objective value is 22.75).

Now, change the weight for the spinal cord term in the objective to 5.

Without re-solving, what does the objective value of the current solution change to?

Exercise 1

 Numerical Response 



The term SUMPRODUCT(B14:B19;F5:F10) in the objective (corresponding to Voxel 5) should now be 5*SUMPRODUCT(B14:B19;F5:F10). This changes the objective value to 42.75.

Now re-solve the model. What does the objective change to?

Exercise 2

 Numerical Response 



You can resolve the model by going to Solver, and just hitting Solve. The new optimal objective function value is 25.666667.

Notice how we are now giving a smaller dose to the spinal cord!

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