7.2 Visualizing the World: An Introduction to Visualization

7.2 Visualizing the World: An Introduction to Visualization

Video 4: Basic Scatterplots Using ggplot

In the rest of this lecture, we’ll be using the data file WHO (CSV). Please download this file to your computer, and save it to a location that you will remember. This data comes from the Global Health Observatory Data Repository

An R script file with all of the commands used in this lecture can be downloaded here: Resource Unit7_WHO (R).

Colors and shapes in R

If you want to see all of the available colors in R, type in your R console:


All of the available shapes are described in the following image:

Variety of colors and shapes available in R using ggplot.

This image comes from Cookbook for R. License: CC BY-SA. This content is excluded from our Creative Commons license. For more information, see https://ocw.mit.edu/help/faq-fair-use/.

The number 0 corresponds to an empty square, the number 6 corresponds to an upside down triangle, etc.

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