15.835 | Spring 2002 | Graduate

Entrepreneurial Marketing

Lecture Notes

Selected lecture notes from the first half of the course are available below.

Lec # Topics Files
Module 1: Marketing and Entrepreneurship
1 Introduction (PDF)
2 Sustaining Competitive Advantages of New Ventures (PDF)
3 Guest Speaker: Eric Spitz, Chief Executive Officer of Trakus  
Module 2: Identifying Market Opportunities
4 Market Research (PDF)
5 Wildfire Communications (PDF)
6 Demand Forecasting (PDF)
7 AT&T; USA Direct In-Languge Service: India (PDF)
Module 3: Market Development
8 Creating a New Market (PDF)
9 Segmentation and Targeting (PDF)
10 Product Concept Development (PDF)
11 Focus vs Diversification  
12 Positioning Tools (PDF)

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Spring 2002
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