18.01SC | Fall 2010 | Undergraduate

Single Variable Calculus

Part A: L'Hospital's Rule and Improper Integrals

Session 87: L'Hospital's Rule

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Early in the course we discussed limits and things that could go wrong when trying to compute them. For example, we might end up trying to divide zero by zero when calculating a limit. L’Hospital’s rule is the tool we employ when this is unavoidable.

Lecture Video and Notes

Video Excerpts

Clip 1: Introduction to L’Hospital’s Rule

Clip 2: Elementary Example of L’Hospital’s Rule

Worked Example

sin x/(1 − cos x) as x Approaches 0

Lecture Video and Notes

Video Excerpts

Clip 1: Why L’Hospital’s Rule Works

Clip 2: L’Hospital’s Rule, Version 1

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