2.004 | Spring 2008 | Undergraduate

Dynamics and Control II


A brief description of the 2.004 lab facilities and rules is provided for reference (PDF)

The first seven labs deal with a physical plant consisting of a rotational flywheel and motor, detailed in this handout (PDF) (Courtesy Prof. Emanuel Sachs. Used with permission.)

The motor specification sheet may be found here (PDF)

Lab 1: Coulomb and Viscous Friction (PDF)

Lab 2: Characterization of Lab System Components (PDF)

Lab 3: Construction of a Proportional Velocity Controller (PDF)

Lab 4: Closed-loop Performance of a Proportional Velocity Controller (PDF)

Lab 5: Elimination of Steady-state Error Using Integral Control Action (PDF)

Lab 6: Closed-loop Position Control, and the Effect of Derivative Control Action (PDF)

Lab 7: Closed-Loop Position Control using Position and Velocity Feedback (PDF)

The final set of lab projects involves the design of an active damping system for a skyscraper, including a set of MATLAB files for simulating the tower and its vibrations.

Project Introduction (PDF)

Lab: Active Damping of Tall Building Vibrations (PDF)

Tower Data (ZIP) (The ZIP file contains: 13 .m files.)

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