2.082 | Spring 2003 | Graduate

Ship Structural Analysis & Design (13.122)


I. Shear and Bending
1 Lecture 1: Shear and Bending (PDF)

  • Hull Girder Response Analysis: Ship Structural Design, Hughes, Ch. 3 – Sections 3.1-3.3.
  • Longitudinal Strength - Excerpt from Part 3: Hull Construction and Equipment. In Rules for Building and Classing Steel Vessels 2003, ABS.

Problem Set 1: Shear and Bending
2 Lecture 2: Balance (PDF)   Problem Set 2: Shear and Bending, Balancing
II. Characteristics of Thin Walled Sections
3 Lecture 3: Bending Without Twist (PDF)   Problem Set 3: Shear Stress, Center of Twist
4 Lecture 4: Pure Twist Open Section (PDF)   Problem Set 4: Combined Torsion and Multi-Cell St. Venant’s Torsion
5 Lecture 5: Pure Twist Closed Section (PDF)    
6 Lecture 6: Pure and Warping Torsion (PDF)    

  • Lecture 7: Calculation Of Section Properties - Open (PDF)
  • Lecture 7a: Calculation of Section Properties Closed (PDF)


  • Lecture 8: Shear Center - Closed Section (PDF)
  • Lecture 8a: Shear Stress Multicell Section (PDF)
  • Lecture 8b: St. Venant Torsion Multi-cell (PDF)


  • Lecture 9a: Composite Sections (PDF)
  • Lecture 9b: Shear Lag (PDF)
  • Lecture 9c: Yield Criteria (PDF)

  • Ch. 3 and 6 of Hughes.
  • Refererence: Ch. 11 of Shames.

III. Introduction to Maestro Problem Set 5: Maestro Tutorial and building model (preliminary)
IV. Design Approach and Failure Analysis
10 Design Philosophy and Approach (PDF) Structural Design Introduction: Ch. 1 and 2 of Hughes.  
11 Loads and Design
Approach continued (PDF)
V. Plate Bending
12 Plate Bending Introduction (PDF)    
13 Plate Bending (PDF)    
14 Plate Bending Solution (PDF)    
VI. Panel, Girder, Frame Bending Failure Analysis
15 Panel, Girder and Frame Limit States (PDF) Plastic Hinge and Plastic Section Analysis: Section 16.1 of text. Problem Set 6: Panel and Girder PSF Calculations
VII. Buckling and Ultimate Strength of Columns
16 Buckling (PDF) Buckling and Ultimate Strength of Columns: Ch. 13 of text.

  • Problem Set 7: Design Notes Part II
  • Problem Set 8: Design Notes Part III
VIII. Buckling and Ultimate Strength of Plates
17 Plate Buckling (PDF) Buckling and Ultimate Strength of Plates: Ch. 12 of text.  
IX. Buckling of Stiffened Panels
18 Buckling of Stiffened Panels (PDF) Longitudinally Stiffened Panels: Section 13.1 of text. Includes local buckling of stiffener (tripping).  
X. Ultimate Strength of Stiffened Panels
19 Ultimate Strength of Stiffened Panels (PDF) Ultimate Strength of Stiffened Panels: Ch. 14 of text.  
XI. Matrix, Grillage and FEM Analysis
20 Intro to Matrix Analysis (PDF)

  • Example of Grillage Analysis.
  • Constant Stress/Strain Triangle Element: Hughes 7.3.

21 Matrix Analysis continued (PDF)    
22 Pin-jointed Beam Example (PDF)    
23 Flexure Only Beam - General Method (PDF)    
24 Grillage Introduction
Degrees of Freedom (PDF)
Final Project Barge Optimization

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