2.082 | Spring 2003 | Graduate

Ship Structural Analysis & Design (13.122)

Lecture Notes

Unit # Notes
1 Shear and Bending

  • Lecture 1: Shear and Bending (PDF)
  • Lecture 2: Balance (PDF)
2 Characteristics of Thin Walled Sections

  • Lecture 3: Bending Without Twist (PDF)

  • Lecture 4: Pure Twist Open Section (PDF)

  • Lecture 5: Pure Twist Closed Section (PDF)

  • Lecture 6: Pure and Warping Torsion (PDF)

  • Lecture 7: Calculation Of Section Properties - Open (PDF)
    [This consists of four parts (and how we will treat each) (suggest printing at most pages 1-9)

    A - derivation of geometric algorithms for section properties (cover quickly for sense of approach)
    B - derivation of first moment approach (for info - not covered)
    C - computational routine resulting from A (demo a few examples - routine available in lab)
    D - computational routine resulting from B (routine available in lab)]

  • Lecture 7a: Calculation of Section Properties Closed (PDF)

  • Lecture 8: Shear Center - Closed Section (PDF)
    Includes example problem.

  • Lecture 8a: Shear Stress Multicell Section (PDF)
    Example problem separate.

  • Lecture 8b: St. Venant Torsion Multi-cell (PDF)

  • Lecture 9a: Composite Sections (PDF)
    One of three minor topics.

  • Lecture 9b: Shear Lag (PDF)
    Second of three minor topics.

  • Lecture 9c: Yield Criteria (PDF)

3 Design Approach and Failure Analysis

  • Design Philosophy and Approach (PDF)
  • Loads and Design Approach continued (PDF)
4 Plate Bending

  • Plate Bending Introduction (PDF)
  • Plate Bending (PDF)
  • Plate Bending Solution (PDF)
5 Panel, Girder, Frame Bending Failure Analysis

  • Panel, Girder and Frame Limit States (PDF)
6 Buckling and Ultimate Strength of Columns

  • Buckling (PDF)
    Overview of column buckling leading to CCB and GCCP failure criteria.
7 Buckling and Ultimate Strength of Plates

  • Plate Buckling (PDF)
8 Buckling of Stiffened Panels

  • Buckling of Stiffened Panels (PDF)
    PCCB and PCSB.
9 Ultimate Strength of Stiffened Panels

  • Ultimate Strength of Stiffened Panels (PDF)
    PCSF Modes I, II, III.
10 Matrix, Grillage and FEM Analysis

  • Intro to Matrix Analysis (PDF)
    [Summary of Chapter 1 from Zienkiewicz – The Finite Element Method, any of five editions.]
  • Matrix Analysis continued (PDF)
    [Section 5.2 of Hughes.]
  • Pin-jointed Beam Example (PDF)
    [Example from Hughes page 191 ff.]
  • Flexure Only Beam - General Method (PDF)
    [Section 5.3 of Hughes.]
  • Grillage Introduction Degrees of Freedom (PDF)

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