1 Course overview  

Special class outing: 

“Hear Word! Naija Woman Talk True,” American Repertory Theater, Cambridge, MA

Creating HEAR WORD! Naija Woman Talk True.” YouTube.

Unit 1. Performance
2 Performing Africa Reading response #1 due

Dress as performance

In-class map quiz

Reading response #2 due
Unit 2. Images
4 The visual, knowledge, and power Reading response #3 due

Special class outings:

Screenings at the Harvard Film Archive, Cambridge, MA, with Franco-Senegalese filmmaker Alain Gomis in attendance

Tey aka Aujourd’hui. Directed by Alain Gomis. Color, 86 min. 2012.

Félicité. Directed by Alain Gomis. Color, 129 min. 2017.

5 African cinemas: Representation, circulation, audiences Reading response #4 due
Unit 3. The Art World
6 Value Reading response #5 due
7 Authenticity, appropriation

Reading response #6 due

Paper due

Unit 4. The Written Word
8 Writing and political engagement

Reading response #7 due

Final project prospectus due

9 Writing about Africa in the world today Reading response #8 due
Unit 5. Science and Technology
10 Conceptualizing African scientific and technological knowledges Reading response #9 due

Innovation and development discourses

Final project presentations and feedback

Reading response #10 due
12 African futures

Final project due

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