21M.355 | Spring 2013 | Undergraduate
Musical Improvisation

Calendar and Videos

Videos are available for selected sessions, as linked in the table below.

Lec = Lecture 
Lab = Lab 
Guest = Guest artist lecture / workshop 
Concert = Concert series event

Lec 1 Overview and auditions  
Lec 2 Introduction and concepts  
Lec 3 Images and Imagination: Film and John Cage  
Lab 1 Lab 1: Introduction  
Lec 4 Graphic notation and improvisation Assignment 1 due
Guest 1.1 Improvising with film 
Guest artists: Kate Matson and FiLmprov
Lab 2 Lab  
Concert 1 Concert series: FiLmprov  
Guest 1.2 Improvising with film 
Guest artists: Kate Matson & FiLmprov
Assignment 2 due
Lec 5 Modes and Forms  
Lab 3 Lab  
Lec 6 “Kind of Blue” (Miles Davis)  
Lec 7 “In a Silent Way” (Miles Davis) Assignment 3 due
Lab 4 Lab  
Concert 2 Concert series: Natraj and Chitravina Ravikiran  
Guest 2.1 Indian classical music 
Guest Lecturer: Phil Scarff and Chitravina Ravikiran
Lec 8 Sounds and Processes  
Lab 5 Lab  
Guest 2.2 Indian classical music student demonstrations 
Guest artist: Phil Scarff
Assignment 4 due
Lec 9 Mid-Term Summary  
Lab 6 Lab  
Guest 3.1 Electronics 
Guest artist: Neil Leonard
Lec 10 Sounds & Processes  
Lab 7 Lab  
Concert 3 Concert series: Neil Leonard and Robin Eubanks  
Guest 3.2 Electronics student demonstrations 
Guest artist: Neil Leonard
Assignment 5 due
Lec 11 Flexology  
Lab 8 Lab  
Lec 12 Flexology student demonstrations Assignment 6 due
  MIT concert: Aardvark Jazz Orchestra, plus Tom Hall and the 21M.355 class  
Lec 13 Themes and intervals: “Blue Seven” (Sonny Rollins)  
Lec 14 Themes and intervals Assignment 7 due
Lab 9 Lab  
  MIT concert: MIT Festival Jazz Ensemble  
Lec 15 Toward the final project: overview and design  
Guest 4.1 Guest artists: Tim Ray and Eugene Friesen  
Lab 10 Lab  
Concert 4 Concert series: Tre Corda  
Guest 4.2 Guest artists: Tim Ray and Greg Hopkins Assignment 8 due
Lec 16 Preparation for final projects  
Lab 11 Lab  
Lec 17 Final projects Presentations in class
Lec 18 Final projects Presentations in class

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