‘In the Frame’ Description Session 4

Rhetorical Analysis of a News Article

On your assigned date, you will co-lead a 10-15 min class discussion with a classmate, and submit an individually-written rhetorical analysis essay

Roving deadline: students signed-up for a date to co-lead a class discussion

Draft of An Engaging Translation Assignment

Session 11: Peer-Review Workshop: An Engaging Translation Assignment

Session 10

Revised Engaging Translation Assignment

Deliver a 2 min presentation summarizing your translation of one item of complexity, including brief discussion of your translation process

Session 13

Draft of The “Awesome” Profile Assignment

Strategies for Interviewing Strangers

Session 18: Peer-Review Workshop: The “Awesome” Profile Assignment

Session 17

Revised “Awesome” Profile Assignment

Deliver a 1-2 min summary introduction (no slides) of your profiled person to the class

Session 19
Proposal for Investigative Research Article Session 20

2-3 PowerPoint slides, one of which should be a central original image

Present 3-5 min and field questions from your audience

Sessions 24 & 25
Revision of Investigative Research Article Session 26


Library Guide

PowerPoint Presentation Tips (PDF)

Tips for Leading Discussions

Sample student work (Courtesy of Lillian Zhang and used with permission.)

Rhetorical Analysis of Cities at Your Feet (PDF)

The “Awesome” Profile: Coming Together, Going Forward (PDF)

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