3.012 | Fall 2005 | Undergraduate

Fundamentals of Materials Science


SES # Key

Rb = Recitation: Structure and Bonding
Rt = Recitation: Thermodynamics

This page presents information covered in recitation sessions. While each lecture session includes both thermodynamics and structure/bonding content, recitations alternate their focus between thermodynamics and structure/bonding.

Ses # Structure and Bonding RECITATIONS Thermodynamics RECITATIONS
Orientation: Research and Careers in Materials Science and Engineering
Rt1   Practice Problem Solutions (PDF)
Rb1 Practice Problems (PDF)

Solutions (PDF)

Rt2   Practice Problem Solutions (PDF)

Responses to Student Questions (PDF)

Rb2 Practice Problems (PDF)

Solutions (PDF)

Rt3   Notes (PDF)

Practice Problem Solutions (PDF)

Rb3 Practice Problems (PDF)

Solutions (PDF)

Responses to Student Questions (PDF)

Rt4   Quiz 1 Review (PDF)
Rb4 Practice Problems (PDF)

Solutions (PDF)

Rt5   Practice Problem Solutions (PDF)
Rb5 Practice Problems (PDF)

Solutions (PDF)

Rt6   Responses to Student Questions (PDF)
Rb6 Mercury Software

Handout on Mercury (PDF)

Mercury Input Files (ZIP) (The ZIP file contains: Au.cif, GaAs.cif, and Si.cif)



Common Tangent Principle (MOV)
Eutectic Free Energy Diagram (MOV)

Rb7 Review Session (PDF)

Description of sp, sp2, sp3 Hybridization (pp. 415-417) in Atkins, P. W., and J. de Paula. Physical Chemistry. 7th ed. New York, NY: Oxford University Press, 2002. ISBN: 9780198792857.

Rt8   Eutectics Notes: How to Find Compositions and Phase Fractions (PDF)
Rb8 X-Ray Diffraction Notes (PDF)  
Rt9   Practice Problems (PDF)

Solutions (PDF)

Rb9 Notes on X-Ray Diffraction (PDF) and “Idle Mind” Solutions (PDF) (These two files from 3.091 are courtesy of Prof. Don Sadoway, and used with permission.)  

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