This section contains the course notes, Electromagnetics and Applications, by David Staelin.

Complete course notes ( PDF - 5.3MB)
Front matter: Table of contents, preface ( PDF)
Chapter 1: Introduction to electromagnetics and electromagnetic fields ( PDF)
Chapter 2: Introduction to electrodynamics ( PDF)
Chapter 3: Electromagnetic fields in simple devices and circuits ( PDF)
Chapter 4: Static and quasistatic fields ( PDF)
Chapter 5: Electromagnetic forces ( PDF)
Chapter 6: Actuators and sensors, motors and generators ( PDF)
Chapter 7: TEM transmission lines ( PDF)
Chapter 8: Fast electronics and transient behavior on TEM lines ( PDF)
Chapter 9: Electromagnetic waves ( PDF)
Chapter 10: Antennas and radiation ( PDF)
Chapter 11: Common antennas and applications ( PDF)
Chapter 12: Optical communications ( PDF)
Chapter 13: Acoustics ( PDF)
Back matter: Appendices, index ( PDF)

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