6.111 | Spring 2006 | Undergraduate

Introductory Digital Systems Laboratory


Group 11

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By Michael Huhs and Sanjay Jhaveri


The goal of this final project is to implement a digital camera using a Xilinx Virtex II FPGA that is built into the 6.111 Labkit. The FPGA will interface with a video camera, and output the digital signal to a VGA monitor. The user will then be able to capture the displayed image by pressing a button on the labkit. Once the image has been captured, it will be compressed using a discrete cosine transform (DCT) in order to be stored and viewed at a later time. In addition to image compression, the user will be able to perform zoom and rotate operations as well as perform some simple image filtering. Implementing Snapshot will involve using the onboard ZBT memory of the 6.111 Labkit to store the video signal. This project should be a natural continuation of 6.111 Labs 3 and 4, as it builds upon the concepts of VGA display and memory. The lab will be broken up into: extracting the received video signal, displaying the signal to the monitor, and storing the video signal in the onboard Labkit memory.

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