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MIT Dance Dance Revolution

By Annamaria Ayuso and Sharmeen Browarek


Our goal for this project is to create a newer and better version of DDR. We plan to use infrared sensors to track the footwork of game players to remove the dependence on a physical console pad. The game itself is very similar to a standard DDR game with a main menu and a game play screen. There will be one song on the menu, due to memory restrictions, but three difficulty levels for the song. Also, the accuracy of each player’s performance will be rated at the end of the level. The objective of the game remains the same; to sync footsteps with the pattern of arrows displayed on the screen. Instead of arrows, we plan to have symbols that represent MIT (i.e., pi, the dome, beaver footprint, etc) ascending on the screen. The game will also keep track of the perfectly synchronized steps and output the highest number of consecutive, perfectly synchronized steps at the end of a round. We will create a dynamic background on the right hand side by using a series of pictures that change in progression to look like a dancing beaver. Our version of the game will revolutionize DDR as we know it today. We are taking the first step to creating a portable game that people can enjoy anywhere, anytime.

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