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A Novel Approach to Active 2D Sonar

By Leon Fay, Miranda Ha, and Vinith Misra (a.k.a The Tunafish Team)


This project will implement a phase-array sonar system that will create a two-dimensional map of the environment directly in front of the array and display it on a screen for the user. The system will consist of one acoustic transmitter and a number of receivers. The receivers will be placed in a linear array spaced appropriately. Analysis of the phase relationships (to determine the angle) and delays (to calculate distances) in the receivers will allow a two-dimensional map of the environment to be drawn.

The project will consist of three parts: a signal processor, a master controller, and a display module. The signal processor will manipulate the phases of the different received signals to determine the distance to the target at a certain angle. The master controller dictates when data is gathered, processed, and post-processed. The display module will make a two-dimensional color-coded map that shows distance and highlights edges. There will also be alternate display modes that show waveforms of received signals to help with debugging.

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