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Drum Machine

By Hana Adaniya and Shirley Fung


The pattern sequencer allows the user to compose rhythms from a sound bank of audio samples. The resulting loop is a combination of sixteen different audio channels. Each channel can be programmed individually for different beats by selecting a particular pattern. The sixteen audio channels are then combined using additive mixing based on a weighted average algorithm.

Each of the 16 channels is assigned with a one second 16-bit audio sample. These samples are recorded at 44.1 kHz and stored in about 1 Megabyte of memory. The pattern has a template of sixteen 16th notes. A row of sixteen squares on the video interface represents the on/off state of each sixteenth note of a channel. The user programs the different beats by turning the sample on or off at each sixteenth note. Along with the current state of the beat sequence, the video interface displays the name of the audio sample as well as the overall beats per minute (BPM) and the FFT of the master output audio signal.

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