6.803 | Spring 2019 | Undergraduate

The Human Intelligence Enterprise

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SES # Technical Topic Communication Assignment Discussion
1 Winston reflects on the first 65 years    
2 Turing suggests test for success Paper decoding Paper decoding
3 Minsky provides a problem set Recommendation V-S-N-C; Broken glass
4 Davis and friends affirm value of representations; Brooks denies value of representations Broken glass; For and against Red teams
5 Marr speaks to what constitutes good work Talking points; Contributions Talking points
6 Tenenbaum and friends salute the Reverend Bayes; Glymour salutes Kepler Panel preparation How to run a panel
7 Hinton launches third wave White paper Improvement through knowledge engineering
8 Borchardt focuses on transitions Update letter Details sell; Winston’s star
9 Jackendoff grounds out in trajectories Trip report Interviews
10 Ullman explains visual routines Study report How to run a study
11 Larson grounds symbols in perception Press release How to write a press release
12 Spelke explains how to turn MIT students into rats; Fedorenko explains we don’t need language to think Speaker evaluation How to make decisions
13 Berwick & Chomsky explain how we are different Interview Mimicry
14 Tattersall finds symbolic species; Lettvin finds bug detector Amnesty assignment Applied ethics
15 Minsky predicts important role for perception Review How to write a review; How to write a nomination letter
16 Merge revisited    
17 McIntyre builds contortionist Nomination letter How to do slides
18 Gergely learns from an infant Quad chart Selling it; Product introductions
19 Minsky gets emotional Op ed How to construct posters
20 Winston & Holmes tell a story Poster  
21 Ajemian detangles neural nets Curriculum design  
22 and 23 Presentations Recommendation/Presentation/Suggestions  

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