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The Human Intelligence Enterprise

Ajemian detangles neural nets

Ajemian Lecture Notes

If we are to capture human learning and cognition, we must envision the exotic architectures that make them possible.

  • New models of brain hardware can shed light on new models of brain software.
  • Design rule: Fit the approach to the problem you’re trying to solve.
  • The trendiest tools are not always the best tools for the job.
  • For example, modern computer systems are not the best metaphor for how brain hardware works. (6 key differences between computers and brains)
  • And artificial neural networks with backprop are not the best model of how brains learn. (6 unrealistic aspects of back prop)
    • In particular, backprop requires global lockstep coordination where brains are mostly asyncronous and local; and even recurrent neural networks pass information in one direction rather than many, as in the brain (compare recursive functions vs coroutines.)
  • And artificial neural networks with backprop are not the best engineering solution for every learning problem.
    • “Bulldozer computing” works well on object recognition, but fails on motor control (which has too-large state space) and medical diagnosis (which integrates many kinds of info.)
    • We should tailor new tools to such problems.
    • All of the recent ML performance improvements have come not from new ideas about learning, but rather from advances in computing power and data size.
  • Moore’s law will asymptote.
  • We must imagine new exotic architectures and learning mechanisms, tailored to the problems we’re trying to solve.
  • Surprise: There are other kinds of “neural networks” that are better brain models or better at solving ML problems:
    • Marr-Albus model of the cerebellum.
    • Hopfield networks
    • Self-organizing maps
    • Decision trees.

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