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Homework 1

Problem 1. What are three questions you would be interested in asking Professor Minsky about Chapter 1 of The Emotion Machine?

Problem 2. What are the most important problems in your field that have been addressed by AI already? What are the most important problems in your field that you think AI could contribute to?

Problem 3. The behavior of a complex__________depends only on how its parts____________, not what type of___________they’re_____________.

Problem 4. ___________s and ___________s can react to mental obstacles by switching on and off different_____________.

Problem 5. What are some advantages and disadvantages of Zato coding? Do they match the requirements for information transfer in the brain, given empirical findings?1 Why or why not?

Extra Credit. Implement Zato coding and evaluate its performance on some dataset (ideally, but not necessarily “real data” of some variety) against any other scheme(s) using any well-defined metrics (e.g. throughput, error rate, capacity), explaining why these metrics are appropriate. What did you learn from this experiment?

1As an example, see Anderson, Michael L. Neural Reuse: A Fundamental Organizational Principal for the Brain. (PDF) Brain and Behavioral Sciences 33 (2010): pp. 245-313.

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