Recitation problems cover material discussed in the corresponding lecture sessions.

LEC # Recitation PROBLEMS solutions
1 Cell Section Problem (PDF) Cell Section Answer (PDF)
3-5 ChemProb (PDF)

ProteinProb (PDF)

ChemProb Answers (PDF)

ProteinProb answers (PDF)

6 Genetics (PDF) Genetics Answers (PDF)
7 Comp/Epi (PDF) Comp/Epi Answers (PDF)
9 Pedigrees (PDF) Pedigrees Answers (PDF)
10 Chart (PDF)

Mes/Stahl (PDF)

Replication (PDF)

Chart Answers (PDF)

Replication Answers (PDF)

12 Central Dogma (PDF) Central Dogma Answers (PDF)
14 Gene Regulation (PDF)

Protein Secretion (PDF)

Gene Regulation Answers (PDF)

Protein Secretion Answers (PDF)

15-18 Rec. DNA (PDF)

Forensic Sect. (PDF)

Rec. DNA Answers (PDF)

Forensic Answers (PDF)

19 Cell Cycle (PDF)

Signal Transduction (PDF)

Cell Cycle Answers (PDF)

Signal Transduction Answers (PDF)

21 Cancer 1 (PDF)

Cancer 2 (PDF)

Cancer 3 (PDF)

Cancer 1 Answers (PDF)

Cancer 2 Answers (PDF)

Cancer 3 Answers (PDF)

22-23 Immunology 1 (PDF) Immunology 1 Answers (PDF)
24 Immunology 2 (PDF)

Aids (PDF)

Jeremy’s Quiz (PDF)

Immunology 2 Answers (PDF)

Aids Answers (PDF)

Jeremy’s Quiz Answers (PDF)

26 Neuro I (PDF) Neuro I Answers (PDF)
27 Neuro II (PDF)

Neuro II b (PDF)

Neuro II Answers (PDF)

Neuro II b Answers (PDF)

29 Stem Cells (PDF) Stem Cells Answers (PDF)
31 Stem Cell Review/Cloning (PDF) Stem Cells Review/Cloning Answers (PDF)
32 Evolution I (PDF)

Evolution II (PDF)

Evolution I Answers (PDF)

Evolution II Answers (PDF)

34 Rational Medicine (PDF) Rational Medicine Answers (PDF)

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