First Reflection Paper: Waste Technology

First Reflection

Subject: Waste Management Technology

Use this reflection to explore a waste management technology with one of three lenses:

  1. Technologies for a specific material stream - Choose one material and examine the technologies used to process / treat that material
  2. Technology Case Study - Choose three areas (cities, communities, government jurisdiction) and compare the technologies used in the three areas
  3. Specific Technology - Explore a technology in depth, its application, scale of use and considerations for purchase and implementation (like cost, size, etc.)


  • 4–5 pages; 4 pages in writing, more with charts / graphs
  • Helvetica size 12, 1.5 spacing or less

Evaluated on

  • Scope of paper
  • Synthesis of material presented
  • Integration of class content


  • Background of technology and its application
  • Detailed analysis and synthesis of researched materials that showcases the secondary sources you used to research a technology
  • Propose an actionable outcome from research that either you (the student) or some other actor could move forward
    • For example:
      • What gaps need to be filled in the existing research in regards to the technology featured in your research?
      • What are the limitations of the technology?
      • What other innovations (system, technology, policy) could help the technology, material processing or waste management need that you researched?

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