EC.716 | Fall 2015 | Undergraduate

D-Lab: Waste


Final Project Requirements (PDF)

Project Example

“Enhancing Biohazardous Waste Management @ MIT” (2015) (PDF)

Project Purpose: To examine the policies, procedures, and behaviors that impact biohazardous waste disposal in research laboratories on MIT campus and identify best practices for laboratories to reduce their environmental footprint. 


Make it fun and informative (don’t feel you need to be constrained by traditional academic posters). Stay away from text heavy posters.

A few links of inspiration:

Past Projects Include

  • Integrated Waste Management System Design for the Kuna Yala Islands in Panama; students worked on waste flow assessment and the design and implementation of local businesses.
  • Design of a Regional Recycling Facility for the Luz del Futuro Waste Pickers association in Bluefields, Nicaragua; students designed collection routes and local technologies offering substantial increases in profit.

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