LEC # Topics Assignments
Part 1: Introduction to Computing
1 Course Overview  
2 Algorithms and Object Oriented Programming  
3 Java® Constructs  
4 Built-in Operators, Built-in Java Classes, and Classes, Objects & Methods  
5 Recursion and Iteration, Imperative & Declarative Programming, Abstract Data Types (ADTs), Arrays, and Classes, Object & Methods (continued) Homework #1 (PDF)
6 Designing Methods, Wrapper Classes, Arrays, Packages, Inheritance, Derived Classes, and Dynamic Binding  
7 Information Hiding, Exceptions Homework #2 (PDF)
8 Vectors, Streams, Input and Output  
9 Searching and Sorting Homework #3 (PDF)
Stubs for Homework #3 (PDF)
10 Time Complexity of Algorithms  
11 Review Session Homework #4 (PDF)
Part 2: Data and Knowledge Representation
12 Logic and Medical Ontology  
13 Boolean Algebra and Predicate Knowledge  
14 Ontology and Data Model Homework #5 (PDF)
Homework #5 Attachments (PDF)
15 Medical Vocabulary Representation and Survey of Medical Coding Systems  
16 Medical Coding Systems (continued) and UMLS Homework #6 (PDF)
17 Major KR Schemes  
18 Process Homework #7 (PDF)
Part 3: Data Management, Querying and Retrieval
19 Nature of Data  
20 Data Models  
21 Maintaining Integrity of Data Homework #8 Due (PDF)
22 Implementing a Relational Database  
23 Overview of Object Oriented Data Management Homework #9 Due (PDF)
Homework #9 Sample Patient Data (PDF)
24 Modeling for Analytical Processing of Data  
25 No Lecture, Final Project Due Final Project Description (PDF)